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Stealth Projects Exposed!

I owe you an update... I promised you pictures of stealth projects in "late March."  Well, I guess May 2nd is now "late March."  Sure.  Let's go with that.  So here we have the promised stealth projects, as well as the other projects I've completed since.

My older sister is expecting a baby in a couple months, and these are for my future nephew:

And for my niecelette, a pair of socks in her favourite colour, "hot pink," to celebrate that she will soon be a big sister:

1- Bubble Socks that I started back in November and finished during a 12-hour Doctor Who marathon.  (Did you know that you can watch all of Series 5 in 12 hours?  You can.  I know.  Pam and I did  it, and it was awesome.):

2- My second pair Musical Mitts.  (The first ones are here.)  These ones are for me.  I completed these at Knit Camp (Yes--Knit Camp.  Knitters together, all day, knitting.  It was awesome.)

3- Mint Dark Chocolate Socks.…