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Valentines, Knitting, and 40's Hairstyles

Very little knitting has occurred since my last post as the semester is now in full swing.  However I have cast on for the second Creta sock (the one in taupe) and did get a few rows done on BIL's scarf.  As it turns out, I'm going to be keeping the taupe socks and giving the multi-coloured ones to Older Sister.

The main reason for this post though is to show off my Valentine's day present.  (I'm going to take this time to mention that I am married to the best guy ever.  Y'all may contest that and argue that you have good guys, too, but mine is the best.)

This is my present: seven sets of four inch double pointed needles in Harmony wood from KnitPicks.  Here's a close up of one of the sets:
(Sorry... picture vanished)
(I believe that you can click on the pictures to embiggen them.)  Aren't they pretty?  And they're only four inches.  The one's I've been knitting with are seven, so I'm excited to not have to slide the needles every time I move fr…

Two socks do not a pair make

Well, after being a coward for many a month I have finally bit the bullet, so to speak. I have braved the knitting right of passage of turning the heel. I am now officially a SOCK KNITTER! I have in fact knitted two socks! And here they are... drumroll, please...

See? Socks! With lovely turned heels:
And I am loving knitting socks.  There is something almost poetic about how you are knitting in a tube, and then you knit a flat panel, and then you follow a few steps and TA-DA!  You suddenly have a turned heel!  And then you make the gusset and it suddenly looks like a SOCK!  (Well, missing the toe, but you get my point.)  It's like magic...
Now there is something that needs to be explained. You see there is only one of each sock.  Mmm hmmm.  And yet I have two feet.  (Last time I checked.  Hold on... Yup.  Still got two and only two.)  There is, in knitting, a phenomenon known as Second  Sock Syndrome. defines this as "an affliction that prevents the victim from …