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Extreme Blocking

Oy.  So my beach shawl is finally done and blocking.  It only took forever to get it that way.  See?  Here it is:

(Pardon the crummy photo.  It's dark out and I had to use the flash.  The colours are WAY better in real life.)

As I wrote in my post earlier this month, I started it in June 2010 and finished it in July of that year but I wasn't happy with it because it was too short.  So I frogged it and started again.  And it wasn't as exciting the second time around (the same phenomenon that causes second sock syndrome) so it went into deep hibernation.  When the new year started, I brought it out of the deep recesses of my knitting basket determined to continue with the progress I had made in lowering my number of WIPs.  I made good progress on it until some point last week.  I was almost done.  I had a row and a half to go before the bind off.  But...

The second to last short row section is on the top center of the shawl.  Mine was knit in a section of the yarn that was d…

FO Friday: Small Accomplishments

Since last Friday's FO post, I have finished two more projects, both on the smallish side of things.

First, a tiny white elephant that I knit to give in a white elephant gift exchange:

He's about an inch and a half tall.
Second, a little monster that I knit as part of a Random Acts of Monsters group that spreads the monster love to people who need cheering up or a little something special.  This little monster will soon be leaving, off to find a new family in South Dakota.

(Little monster in relative monster size, being only about seven inches tall.  Considerably bigger than the elephant, but on the small size as far as monsters are concerned.)
Being small projects, this FO Friday blog post shall follow suit and be short as well.  Happy Friday, y'all.

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WIP Wednesday: Oldest WIP

Today's WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday report features my longest standing WIP, my Beach Shawl.  Here's what it looks like today:

Huh... some of you might say.  This looks kind of familiar.

Yeah.  About that...

I originally started this shawl in June of 2010.  And then I finished it less than a month later.  But I wasn't happy with it.  It was too short:

And I had no clue what I was doing when it came to blocking:

So sad.
So I frogged it completely and started over on a larger needle.  And that's where it's been ever since.  I revived it after the new year started and am making good progress again.  I'm hoping to finish it soon, but the rows keep getting longer and longer (the curse of the bottom-up shawl).  Plus the yarn is really not toddler friendly, especially toddler-who-eats-yarn friendly.  (It's Mini Mochi, which is technically machine washable, but it's single ply and still feltable.)
My Beach Shawl is one of five WIPs OTN (On The Needles) pre…

FO Friday, Post Holiday Edition

Well, another winter gifting season has come and gone, which means I have hand-knits to show you.  I'm trying something new this year with the blog, as I was such a terrible blogger last year, only typing up four very photo-full entries.  I'm going to aim to (maybe... we'll see how far I actually get) post at least twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays for WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesdays and FO (Finished Object) Fridays.
Today, though, lots of photos again because of all the stealth projects I gifted.
First, a pair of gifts for Redhead Sister's baby, due sometime this month, Team Yellow (they decided not to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl):
Pompom Hat: (I love how these look on itsy bitsy people) Knit in a soft green colour (actually in the green left over from the frog hat I knit for Elder Sister's son).
Little Red Sweater: This one actually shares yarn with Jo's Little Red Riding Hood cape
I also knit another GAP-tastic Cowl for one of my siste…