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Time keeps marching relentlessly forward and then races past, bringing April closer and closer.  Deadlines for grant proposals and papers are looming nearer...  I really should get off Blogger and get to work on my poster, because (insert severe sarcasm) thanks to furloughs (and spring break) I have to print it by Thursday of next week, even though that presentation isn't until the 6th of April.  Sigh... But we're hoping to videotape our speakers on Tuesday for my presentation at WAIL. 

BIL's scarf is progressing slowly, but I'm hoping to have it done by the 1st weekend of April as well, for BIL's birthday.  (Act surprised, Sid!)  But I have finished the unbloggable projects I mentioned... hope to get those mailed off tomorrow.  Pictures soon!

And, thanks to the turning and tilting of the planet (which corresponds with the passing of time) we are coming up on the Vernal Equinox on Saturday.  It's really been lovely the past few days.  (Red-headed sister and I ha…

The Blame Game

One required LING 300 class leads to... A linguistic depth of study and minor, and to...Not going into elementary education after all (not just for that reason, but it is part of it), which leads to...LING 480: Field Methods, which leads to...Getting involved with creating a tri-lingual click-and-hear dictionary, which leads to...Submitting a paper to WAIL (the Workshop on American Indigenous Languages hosted at UCSB), which leads to...Getting my paper accepted for WAIL (April 30th & May 1st), which leads to...Submitting an application for a grant (Due April 1st) and to...Presenting my research at a forum on "Advancing Undergraduate Research" at CSUSM on April 6th and to...Submitting an application for a much, much bigger grant (also due April 1st.  Go figure), which means...A whole lotta work and research to do, in addition to the usual homework load.
So, as you can see, it's all my LING 300 professor's fault.  If her class hadn't been so awesome, and linguis…

Sleepytime with Socks

Saturday was a triumphant day--I finished knitting my first ever Pair o' Socks!!

Yes, here they are... a matched set:

They fit divinely.  Way better than store-bought socks.  Y'all had no idea that your socks really didn't fit well, did you?  Well they don't.  So now you should all be dissatisfied with the fit of your store-bought socks and learn to knit socks that are tailor-made for your feet.

I finished knitting them at a women's conference on Saturday.  It was fun... me knitting, the woman in front of me knitting, a woman in the row in front of her and off to the left was either knitting or crocheting... and that was just in my little section.  I wonder just how many of us there were?

These socks are my 8th finished knitted item (counting paired things as one item).  I'm simply pleased as punch with how they turned out.

Other than that I've currently got a couple of unbloggable projects on the needles right now, but I'll let you know what those are as so…