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NaKniSweMo, day 6

Good Morning (or whatever the appropriate greeting might be for the time at which you are reading my blog).  For me, it is promptly 8 am as I type this sentence and is the beginning of DAY 6 of NaKniSweMo.  Thus far I am nine inches or 4.4 ounces along in the knitting of my sweater.  In terms of my goal, I am 0.6 ounces (2%) behind where I need to be in order to finish by the end of November, but have knit 9724 stitches, whereas I only needed to be at 8333 stitches yesterday to reach the 50,000 mark, which puts me almost a day ahead in terms of reaching my stitch goal.

Am I boring you with this?  How about a picture?

Well, I shall leave this post short because:

a) as I previously illustrated, I have knitting to do.  (I'd like to catch up that 0.6 oz that I am behind as well as knit today's full oz.)
b) this is the only project I have in my active project basket, having officially hibernated the others for the month.  (Officially meaning I changed their Ravelry status to "…