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So... blogging...

It's been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks.  I finished all my classes & turned in papers (including one I especially loved writing which I titled "Knit Two Conceptual Domains Together" and which was about the use of metaphor in knitting) and then I GRADUATED!  That's right.  I now (or rather will, once final grades are posted,) have a B.A.!

Here are pics from graduation.  These were taken by my sister & friends.  I'm shiny!  (You know what the reason is for having tassels that hang down the sides of your face?  Distraction!  Something to play with during graduation (such as while the student speaker sites "" as a reference *serious eye rolling*)!  The cords were fun to play with, too...  but I digress... What can I say?  I'm distracted by shiny objects...)

I graduated "cum laude" but I'm hoping that my final grades will nudge up my GPA so that my diploma actually says "magna cum laude"!
After graduation…

End of the Semester Status Report

"Give me a word, any word, and I show you how the root of that word is Greek." (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)  Today's Greek word is Thesaurus.  Not a dinosaur, the word "thesaurus" comes from the Greek word for a store, treasure, storehouse, or treasury, now meaning a treasury or storehouse of knowledge.  That wonderful information comes from the Oxford English Dictionary Online.  (One of the things I'm going to miss most about graduating... no more access to the OED online with the campus subscription.  Deep, pitiful sigh.)
Today is Saturday the 8th of May.  A week from now, I will participate in the graduation ceremony marking the completion of my BA!  The only things standing between me and my diploma are a geography final on Monday, border studies final due Tuesday, and three linguistics papers due Thursday...  Not a ridiculous amount of work, but nothing at which to sneeze either, but all the end of the semester work is why I haven't posted in a while …