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Drive By Blogging: Swap Snowman

Happy Belated Christmas!  It's time for another quick Drive By Blogging post.  Today's project is this one:

For my birthday, I received Rebecca Danger's "50 Yards of Fun" book.  The "Basic Bowling Pin Body" reminded me of a snowman, so when I signed up for a swap on Ravelry, I decided to make one.  I did lengthen the body so that he would be taller and then I used some scrap yarn to make a hat and scarf. (He really needed a pompom hat. It was just too perfect.)  Then I used pipe cleaners for his arms and nose.  When he was done, I wrapped him up with a mug and some other swap goodies and sent him to New York.  (He fits in better in New York than he does in California anyway.)  In return I got a monster ornament of my own and a fantastic mug.
In other brief news, my toddler has turned two.  She is a great little chatterbox and lives with passion and zeal.  She enjoys all things movement, including her slide, balance bike, and sit n' spin, reading the…