14 March 2017

Satisfaction brought it back

Brought back my love of knitting, that is. I am quite satisfied:

I love the little sheep!

All total, they took less than a week, which makes me happy, too. I'm back in my knitting groove and have worked some on Jo's new hat and a project I'm fixing for a friend since finishing these on Saturday. Of course, I'm also stash diving today to see what other new, quick project I might cast on for me. (I'm not a monogamous knitter, y'all, in case you couldn't tell.)

Pattern again is Greenway Sheep which is free on Ravelry. I used Inner Yarn Zen Superwash fingering.  I modified the pattern to use only 48 stitches and I added a thumb gusset because I am a thumb gusset type person.

06 March 2017

I get cranky

Hello (echo, echo, echo...)! I'm not sure if anyone is still following my blog since it's been over two years since I last posted, and if you want two posts you have to go three years back. There are two things in my life that have led to blog silence:
1) small child. Jo is now 5!
2) smart phone. I blogged when I sat at the computer. I do much less  computer sitting since I a) graduated from college, and b) got a smart phone and I don't like composing blogs on my phone. I can't format in the same ways and I don't like that. But here I am, blogging on my phone.

Another observation that I have made about myself is actually the thought seed for this blog post. Yesterday I was looking at my current WIPs (that's Works in Progress, Muggles) and I was feeling twitchy. I didn't WANT to work on the monster Jo wanted to give Daddy for Christmas, or the hat I started for Jo, or that project I am fixing for a friend, or that languishing sample knit, or those socks for someone else. (One or more of those projects may have gotten thrown across the room. Ahem. Don't judge.)

It's not that I don't have projects for myself on the needles. I do - that gigantic shawl (the one dubbed Not-a-Blanket) and a sweater (apparently I didn't learn my lesson about NaKniSweMo like I thought I did) but both are going to take weeks and weeks worth of work still. Neither was going to be the appropriate fix for my knit-twitchiness. See, I checked my Ravelry project history. I last finished a project for myself in late October.

Yep. Over four months. I shouldn't have been suprised.  It's predictable. If it's been more than four months since I've last finished something for myself, I get cranky. (Hence the project throwing.) As a product knitter (as opposed to a process knitter), I'm all about the finished item. If too much time (read: more than four months) passes and I don't get to keep one of the items I've worked so hard on, I get cranky.

Last night, upon making this observation, I spent some time perusing my Ravelry queue and stash list and I made a plan. And this morning, I cast on.

The pattern is Greenway Sheep Cuffs by Agnes Barton (Rav link). The green and purple yarns are Inner Yarn Zen Superwash Fingering (Etsy). The white and black are leftovers from past projects). I'm modifying the pattern to have a thumb gusset because I like things better that way.

Oh - and they're for ME, in case anyone was confused about that fact.

(I'm now curious what my record number of parenthetical statements is for one of my blog posts.)

UPDATE: I confess - I did power up the computer to come fix the formatting and all.  There are somethings that are just too awkward on a phone.

10 February 2015

Been a while...

Hello, Blog!  It's been a while.  Like, almost a year.  We bought a house last year!  I can't believe we'e been homeowners for a year!  In the move, though, our laptop screen got cracked and the left couple inches of the screen are black and line-y.  That and now-three-year-old loves to use the computer. Since the move, I just haven't spent much time on the laptop to write blog posts, but I'm here to resurrect the blog!

Here's my most recently finished project:

The pattern is Josh Ryks "Mystik Sprial Socks" which incorporate short rows to give some fun shaping:

My yarn is more subtle than the self-striping yarns other people generally choose for this pattern and I think I'm going to knit this pattern again eventually using a more obviously self-striping yarn, but I still think these are fun.  (I used 330 yards of Schachenmayr Regia Digipix Color: PC Color which I received as a gift from a Ravelry swap.)

These are my first socks of the year as part of the "Socks from Stash" group on Ravelry.  I have a tentative plan to knit a pair of socks each month.  One month down, one in progress!  January's sock "theme" was to pick 5 patterns that we would be willing to knit and having the rest of the group vote.  Mystik Spiral Socks was my poll winner.

More blog posts (hopefully) to come!  I've got a year's worth of hand-knits to show you!

26 February 2014

Drive By Blogging: Random Toddler Things

At the end of last year, I knit up a handful of little random things for my toddler.

First is a big mouth monster:

The pattern is Rebecca Danger's Pocket-Sized Phone Friend, but I knit it out of bulky weight yarn held double on size 10 needles.  He's big enough to hold all sorts of odds and ends that my toddler picks up.

Second is a pair of slipper socks:
I improvised the pattern based on gauge and the size of her foot.  She, of course, promptly outgrew them.

Third, a hat with rabbit ears.

She got a Christmas book called, "Shall I Knit You a Hat?" about a little rabbit whose mother knits him a hat to keep his ears warm because a big snow is coming.  It has a pattern in the back that I heavily modified to create the above hat.

19 February 2014

Drive By Blogging: Baby gifts

In the past couple of months, several of my friends have had babies.  Naturally, I knit.

One friend decided not to find out if she was having a boy or a girl.  May I just mention at this moment how inconvenient this is for a knitter?  Ahem.  I'll stop there.  I'm sure I'll mention the subject again some other time.

Anyway, for this friend, I pulled out some "gender neutral baby barf" yarn from my stash and knit up a hat and booties.  Then I waited until the baby was born and added the relevant coloured buttons:

I ended up affixing the pink ones for her baby girl:

And for a couple of other friends who were both having girls, I knit up an apple hat:

and a pair of purple booties:

The bootie pattern is Natalie Larson's Bitty Booties, which I modify so as to not need a provisional cast on. The square hat is Carol Ullmann's Square Baby with pompoms instead of tassels.  The apple hat is Iryna Boehland's Lil' Apple Hat, modified to not be so tiny with Hinke's Just a Leaf.

12 February 2014

Drive by Blogging: Binary Stars

Once upon a time, while I was wandering around Ravelry, I came across the wonderful pattern that is Megan Wood's Vincent Cuff.  The Vincent Cuff is a wide beaded bracelet designed to remind one of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night knit on lace weight yarn with size 0000 needles.  When I saw it, I immediately thought of two people - my Doctor Who loving friend Pammie and my Starry Night loving mother.  So I ordered some deep blue lace weight yarn and some itsy bitsy pointy needles and picked up beads at the craft store.  And then created a labor of love.

1.  For the first one, I didn't have access to a color printer as mine having died after some toddler who shall not be named fed it cheddar.  Printers don't eat cheddar.  It kills them.  Poor printer - death by cheddar.  I copied each row with colored pencils onto grid paper.

2. The beads then had to be strung one at a time in the right order.  (For the record, the best bead needle is GUM Eez-Thru Floss Threaders.  They're also good for threading other needles.)

3. Knitting on size 0000 needles.  Oy.  Size 0000 needles have a 1.25 mm diameter.  They are smaller than a toothpick.  The stitches are tiny.  Plus, I dropped a stitch a couple times and getting them on the needles again was a nightmare.  Pammy has sworn not to look for the one stitch on hers that was picked up wrong and appears to be purled instead of knit.  I noticed while casting off Mom's that one of her stitches was wrong and had to undo my cast off and drop down and fix it.

The end result, though, I am rather pleased with:

I called the first one "Starry" and the second one "Starry Starry" and if I ever make a third, it will be "Starry Starry Starry."  (Original, I know...)  I'm contemplating designing one that looks like the TARDIS as I have plenty of yarn left...

05 February 2014

Drive by Blgging: A Twisted Pair

Early in 2013, one of my friends posted a notice on Facebook announcing a Pay-it-Forward.  The way it works is that she had signed up to receive something from one of her friends and in return would knit five things for other people who signed up, if those five people would agree to make five things for the people who signed up for them and so on.  I signed up to receive something from my friend and posted a notice on my Facebook wall asking for people who wanted to receive something from me and in return make five gifts for others.  One of the people who signed up was my husband's best friend, which caught me a bit by surprise as I don't know him very well.  As soon as he signed up, I went to my default knitting gift for guys: a hat.  Husband did some recon and came back with "black."  Oh, yippee.  (Sarcasm.)  Black is boring, and I had to do something to make it more interesting or I would die with boredom before the hat was done.

Enter Ravelry, a knitter's best friend.  I ran a search through their pattern database for hats for men and found Irina Dmitrieva's Bend Hat.  The cables on the hat make it nice and stretchy (Husband's friend has a big head...) and make it interesting but not girly and not boring.  On Ravelry, I called it "Twisted" in description of the cables.

After he received it, there were many hints to my husband and I that the recipient's wife was coveting his hat, but given the choice, she wanted one in pink.

I can take a hint.  I didn't mind knitting the hat and I like this family, so I stash dove and came up with leftover pink yarn from the owl pillow I knit my niece.  I held the yarn double to get the right thickness and knit up a pink one:

And not having a better name for it, I've called it "Mrs. Twisted."