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It's been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks.  I finished all my classes & turned in papers (including one I especially loved writing which I titled "Knit Two Conceptual Domains Together" and which was about the use of metaphor in knitting) and then I GRADUATED!  That's right.  I now (or rather will, once final grades are posted,) have a B.A.!

Here are pics from graduation.  These were taken by my sister & friends.  I'm shiny!  (You know what the reason is for having tassels that hang down the sides of your face?  Distraction!  Something to play with during graduation (such as while the student speaker sites "" as a reference *serious eye rolling*)!  The cords were fun to play with, too...  but I digress... What can I say?  I'm distracted by shiny objects...)
Sorry, photo vanished.
Sorry, photo vanished.

I graduated "cum laude" but I'm hoping that my final grades will nudge up my GPA so that my diploma actually says "magna cum laude"!
After graduation, we went back to my parent's house (we = Mommy, Daddy, Elder Sister, BIL, Niecelette, Husband, Red-Headed Sister and self) for baked potatoes & hanging out.  Some old family friends stopped by--it was great to see them!

 Pictured above you will see my graduation gifts:
  • 150 crayons  (I went and bought new colouring books yesterday.)
  • Sock blockers
  • Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume 1, which has already proved itself very useful.
  • Self-striping yarn in the colour "crayon" (I've been wanting to try self-striping yarn!)
  • "Mint & chocolate chip" sock yarn... yummy!!!
And now... the pièce de résistance (I told you that I like shiny things, right?): 

That's right, folks!  I am now the ecstatic owner of a nook.

Now, as this is a knitting blog, let's take this time to review everything on the needles, shall we?  All pictures can be clicked upon to embiggen.  (Yes, Elder Sister, "embiggen."  It is too a word.  I'm using it as one, ain't I?)

    1-Joy in the Journey socks:  I have finished one and am working on the second pattern repeat of the second one.  I even kitchenered the toe without having to look up directions!!!  I'm completely in love with the Celtic knotwork that runs down the front, and am charmed that the lace continues along the back of the heel.

    2- Summer Fog socks:  Not much progress since I last posted about them, but here they are again.  So many people want to say that these are blue, but they're not--they're purple and grey.  (Grey, mind.  Not gray.  Grey and gray are different colours to me.  Grey is darker and bluer-based, gray is lighter and yellower based. ...just smile and nod.)  The yarn pools into stripes of a sort, but the yarn itself is not self-striping.  Size 0 needles knit very slowly.

    3- BIL's scarf: This hibernated during the semester.  It's now been placed back in the "basket o' active projects" and is being added into the rotation. The colour is pretty true, and you can kinda see the texture.  I can only get decent pictures of this one by turning off the flash on my camera, which increases the odds that the photo will be fuzzy... I can't win.

    4- Giggle socks: another hibernating project added back into the basket.  I've promised these to Elder Sister and it wouldn't take me long if I just sat down and did the second one.  But this is a true case of Second Sock Syndrome... I haven't even cast on for the second one.  Which reminds me: I need to put the directions for this sock in the basket... or they'll really never get done.

    5 & 6- Stealth projects.  Christmas is seven months away, so I feel it is prudent for me to get started... the red one is the one that uses my new stitchionary and I'm rather pleased with myself. 

    Well... I'm really not quite sure what to do with myself now that I've graduated... It hasn't really sunk in yet, as any other year, this would just be summer break.  But I'm looking for employment, if anyone hears of anything... 

    It's half past noon.  I suppose I ought to go do something else productive with my day (not that blogging isn't productive *laughter*, but I have years of paperwork to sort through and textbooks to put away... somewhere... and, of course, knitting to do!


    1. Hey busy girl! I'm glad your book is coming in handy. I love the "stealth project" title....

    2. Congrats on graduating! Looks like you got some awesome loot. :D And a Nook!? Slightly jealous.

    3. Congratulations! You deserve every one of those presents and more, plus the time to play with them :)

    4. Anonymous1/6/10 10:38

      Thanks for commenting on my blog - and congratulations on graduating! What a wonderful accomplishment! :-)


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