NaKniSweMo, day 6

Good Morning (or whatever the appropriate greeting might be for the time at which you are reading my blog).  For me, it is promptly 8 am as I type this sentence and is the beginning of DAY 6 of NaKniSweMo.  Thus far I am nine inches or 4.4 ounces along in the knitting of my sweater.  In terms of my goal, I am 0.6 ounces (2%) behind where I need to be in order to finish by the end of November, but have knit 9724 stitches, whereas I only needed to be at 8333 stitches yesterday to reach the 50,000 mark, which puts me almost a day ahead in terms of reaching my stitch goal.

Am I boring you with this?  How about a picture?

Well, I shall leave this post short because:

a) as I previously illustrated, I have knitting to do.  (I'd like to catch up that 0.6 oz that I am behind as well as knit today's full oz.)
b) this is the only project I have in my active project basket, having officially hibernated the others for the month.  (Officially meaning I changed their Ravelry status to "hibernating" and put them in the closet.)
c) I'm also supposed to be clearing out stuff and packing to move.  (Note the use of "supposed to be."  Can you guess what's taking priority for me?  Who plans a move in the middle of NaKniSweMo anyway?  A muggle (non-knitter), clearly.)


  1. It is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to keep seeing your updates...

  2. You can't move in the middle of NaNoSweMo! That would be a waste of valuable knitting time. :) The sweater's looking great - I can't wait to see it completed (soon, soon...).


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