Drive By Blogging: Swap Snowman

Happy Belated Christmas!  It's time for another quick Drive By Blogging post.  Today's project is this one:

For my birthday, I received Rebecca Danger's "50 Yards of Fun" book.  The "Basic Bowling Pin Body" reminded me of a snowman, so when I signed up for a swap on Ravelry, I decided to make one.  I did lengthen the body so that he would be taller and then I used some scrap yarn to make a hat and scarf. (He really needed a pompom hat. It was just too perfect.)  Then I used pipe cleaners for his arms and nose.  When he was done, I wrapped him up with a mug and some other swap goodies and sent him to New York.  (He fits in better in New York than he does in California anyway.)  In return I got a monster ornament of my own and a fantastic mug.

In other brief news, my toddler has turned two.  She is a great little chatterbox and lives with passion and zeal.  She enjoys all things movement, including her slide, balance bike, and sit n' spin, reading the same three books over and over and over so that we all have them memorized, and baking/cooking, especially "plopping" the eggs, which she's getting quite good at.  She is my favourite little person and I'm glad I'm her mom. (Even when she'd rather say "I love books" than "I love Mommy.")

Happy Birthday, Jo!


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