10 February 2015

Been a while...

Hello, Blog!  It's been a while.  Like, almost a year.  We bought a house last year!  I can't believe we'e been homeowners for a year!  In the move, though, our laptop screen got cracked and the left couple inches of the screen are black and line-y.  That and now-three-year-old loves to use the computer. Since the move, I just haven't spent much time on the laptop to write blog posts, but I'm here to resurrect the blog!

Here's my most recently finished project:

The pattern is Josh Ryks "Mystik Sprial Socks" which incorporate short rows to give some fun shaping:

My yarn is more subtle than the self-striping yarns other people generally choose for this pattern and I think I'm going to knit this pattern again eventually using a more obviously self-striping yarn, but I still think these are fun.  (I used 330 yards of Schachenmayr Regia Digipix Color: PC Color which I received as a gift from a Ravelry swap.)

These are my first socks of the year as part of the "Socks from Stash" group on Ravelry.  I have a tentative plan to knit a pair of socks each month.  One month down, one in progress!  January's sock "theme" was to pick 5 patterns that we would be willing to knit and having the rest of the group vote.  Mystik Spiral Socks was my poll winner.

More blog posts (hopefully) to come!  I've got a year's worth of hand-knits to show you!


  1. Anonymous11/2/15 14:45

    Always love to see the finished product. Good job! Mom