I get cranky

Hello (echo, echo, echo...)! I'm not sure if anyone is still following my blog since it's been over two years since I last posted, and if you want two posts you have to go three years back. There are two things in my life that have led to blog silence:
1) small child. Jo is now 5!
2) smart phone. I blogged when I sat at the computer. I do much less  computer sitting since I a) graduated from college, and b) got a smart phone and I don't like composing blogs on my phone. I can't format in the same ways and I don't like that. But here I am, blogging on my phone.

Another observation that I have made about myself is actually the thought seed for this blog post. Yesterday I was looking at my current WIPs (that's Works in Progress, Muggles) and I was feeling twitchy. I didn't WANT to work on the monster Jo wanted to give Daddy for Christmas, or the hat I started for Jo, or that project I am fixing for a friend, or that languishing sample knit, or those socks for someone else. (One or more of those projects may have gotten thrown across the room. Ahem. Don't judge.)

It's not that I don't have projects for myself on the needles. I do - that gigantic shawl (the one dubbed Not-a-Blanket) and a sweater (apparently I didn't learn my lesson about NaKniSweMo like I thought I did) but both are going to take weeks and weeks worth of work still. Neither was going to be the appropriate fix for my knit-twitchiness. See, I checked my Ravelry project history. I last finished a project for myself in late October.

Yep. Over four months. I shouldn't have been suprised.  It's predictable. If it's been more than four months since I've last finished something for myself, I get cranky. (Hence the project throwing.) As a product knitter (as opposed to a process knitter), I'm all about the finished item. If too much time (read: more than four months) passes and I don't get to keep one of the items I've worked so hard on, I get cranky.

Last night, upon making this observation, I spent some time perusing my Ravelry queue and stash list and I made a plan. And this morning, I cast on.

The pattern is Greenway Sheep Cuffs by Agnes Barton (Rav link). The green and purple yarns are Inner Yarn Zen Superwash Fingering (Etsy). The white and black are leftovers from past projects). I'm modifying the pattern to have a thumb gusset because I like things better that way.

Oh - and they're for ME, in case anyone was confused about that fact.

(I'm now curious what my record number of parenthetical statements is for one of my blog posts.)

UPDATE: I confess - I did power up the computer to come fix the formatting and all.  There are somethings that are just too awkward on a phone.


  1. as one or most of the reason you have not completed a project in a few months, we are grateful

  2. Welcome back! I completely understand. I was feeling the same way - and now here I am, with two projects for me languishing on the needles, knitting many hats for others...

  3. Hey! My comment didn't save! So glad you're back to blogging - and I totally hear you. I'm in the middle of endless hats for other people, missing my own knitting a lot...


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