Knitless Procrastinator

So here I am again... procrastinating doing homework (like writing the lesson plan for the lesson I'm giving tomorrow: 2nd Grade: Family Heritage)...  I made myself promise not to knit anything today, so I was really unproductive!  (See?  I should have let myself knit! I would have at least accomplished something!)

As promised, however, here are pictures of the hat that I knitted for my friend, modeled by Red Headed Sister who now wants such a hat for herself, or for me to teach her how to knit.  (I told her I'd teach her over winter break.  Any suggestions on a simple beginner knitter pattern?  She's a muggle at present...)

Well, I really ought to get back to lesson-planning... BAH...


  1. Cute! Sister, you are talented! I'm impressed. Better be careful, I just might have to place an


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