Productive Unproductivity

I've been off school this week for Thanksgiving (I'm a student and student teacher) and should have accomplished a great deal of homework. I've been procrastinating doing my homework... by knitting! And I've been rather productive, if I do say so myself. I have completed two, count them, TWO projects this week!

The first is my first ever pair of mitts (fingerless gloves) henceforth dubbed "Grinch Mitts". Fuzzy and green, these are the first things I have ever knitted and finished. Yes, this project makes me an official Knitster! (The pattern for these is Raspberry Mitts)

I'm going to be knitting up a pair of these (non-fuzzy and non-green) for my mom, so that's on the to-do list.

Secondly, I've made a hat for a friend of mine. The pattern is the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret and is my first experience with cables and knitted in a lovely grey. It was a fast knit, which was pleasant, especially in comparison to The Unbloggable Project that is still in progress... Pictures of the hat will go up when Red Headed Sister comes over tomorrow... (A thousand thanks to said sister for being my chauffeur while my car is out of commission)

So what haven't I been doing while I've been knitting? Essays, lesson plans, and boring reading. That's what. So tomorrow should be torture while I race to get done everything due on Monday... wish me luck. 19 more days in the semester, and a whole lot to accomplish in that time. I imagine very little will get knitted until the semester is over, which is sad, but then I will have the WHOLE winter break to knit and sew! Yay!


  1. A new blog, eh? Just for your knitting? That could be fun. Welcome back to blogland - again.


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