Knitting amidst the chaos of finals...

I have almost reached the end of the semester... grades are in for two classes (same professor): both A's! Yay!

I'm working to finish the last class...  I've written 13 pages toward a paper ("Discrimination: A Catalyst for Indigenous Language Death in the United States")  and have four or so to go... I didn't anticipate the paper being that long, but it is, and I'm pleased with it thus far.  (No page limit... that's just how long it needs to be to say what I need to say.)  I still have a seizable amount of work to do before this class is done... tomorrow will be busy....

I also got letters from all my second graders... so cute.  Many of their drawings made me chuckle--several literal second graders drew me with my crutches!  They performed their musical on Tuesday and did a fantastic job.

But amidst the chaos, I have finished one unbloggable project... it's for the cohort gift exchange tonight... but the other is progressing rather slowly...


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