Voted Most Likely to Knit in Class...

Just kidding...  (And yes, I know I'm blogging for the second time in the same day.)

The cohort party was tonight.  It was... interesting... to see everyone in a social situation, and fun to have a chance to say good-bye to friends.  I wish them luck in student teaching.  (Well, except for us few who will still be at the university next semester!)  And I was voted "Most Likely to become Famous!"  (Actually the first "most" for which I have ever been nominated.)

The hat I knitted (one of the "unbloggable projects") was a success... The gifts were exchanged "White Elephant" style, and Kristy got it first, but Alisha stole it and then hid it so no one else would steal it.  (Kristy still wants one, and so does Jackie... and I still want one myself!  I may end up knitting five or six of these in total!)

I also got several rows completed on THE unbloggable project... still a significant amount to go...  but for now, back to homework...


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