When it rains, it pours...

In both a literal and figurative sense...

Showershas been the forecast for the past week.  It's been coming down quite significantly making it rather wet outside.  (Wet crutches don't work very well on linoleum, just for your information.)

I have been without my car since Thanksgiving evening--it started acting strangely on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner, and DH and BIL are trying to decide just how much of a new transmission it needs.  Naturally, DH's car started acting up this week as well.  Very not cool.  We're kind of frustrated with vehicles around here right now...

The last week of classes has past, and all final whatnot is due this upcoming week.  For me this means papers, papers, papers... Sunday: Big Big Big paper due online.  Tuesday: all homework due for morphology.  Wednesday: TPA online.  (Boo!!!)  Thursday: Ling 100 final & Language Ideology paper.  Next weekend: a whole bunch of who-knows-what that I'm really lacking motivation to do.

I'll also be saying goodbye to my second graders...

But after that, I am done!  Which means I'll have time to do all the knitting I want to, and finally sew the skirts for which I've had material since the summer.

And I'm registered for next semester: World Regional Geography, Borders & Regions, and Native American Languages.  I'll also be TA for one of my ling professors, finally picking up the 3 units of independent study for the Q'anjob'al dictionary project I've been working on since the summer, and possibly doing cognitive linguistics as independent study as well.

Progress to the unbloggable project is slow, for unbloggable reasons.  I'm working on a second unbloggable project as well, so there's really very little to say on a knitting front.  But these are helping me keep my sanity on the journey to the land of research papers...

But I really need to get off the computer and start sifting through massive amounts of research.


  1. I do know about this unbloggable project, I believe and I bet I can guess at the unbloggable reason. Sorry all is so unbloggable, and super sorry to hear about DH car. I hope you figure it all out.


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