Year's End

Alright, let's see...

Christmas has come and gone.  I'm still finishing Christmas presents... the only gift that was finished in time was the pair of mitts for my Sister-In-Law, modeled here by my husband:

Oh, yes, see that in the husband's hands?  That is the present we were keeping hidden for Nephew #3.  Yup- we got to be foster parents to a kitten for a week and a half.  (She's cute, but I was pretty much over having my feet and fingers attacked... she'll be happier having lots of nephews to play with and a cat and a puppy for buddies.)

I still need to finish Red-Headed Sister's Hufflepuff scarf & Mom's mitts.  One mitt and a few stripes (and then tassels!) to go.  Here's how they're progressing:

We spent a few days up with my grandparents and some extended family after Christmas.  It was interesting having four generations in the house, and a little confusing for the fourth generation, as the three little ones (two years old and younger) tried to puzzle out what people meant when they said Grandma and Grandpa or Aunt or Uncle.  My Elder Sister and I advocated calling our aunts and uncles GrAunts and GrUncles (great aunts and great uncles), but we were outvoted, and that generation all got dubbed Grandma So-In-So and Grandpa So-In-So.  Easier, I suppose, since they are somebody's grandparent (though I still like the GrAunt & GrUncle idea)... My generation (the 1st-cousins-once-removed to the little ones) were all aunts and uncles and the little ones (2nd cousins) were just cousins.  And then there was Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.  (And if you followed that genealogical chaos, good for you!)  It was nice to see the family--it's been a few years since I've seen my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins... since my grandfather's 90th birthday two years ago.

Well, that's all for now, I think.  I'm going to "ring in the new year" by going to bed early.


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