Ends and Beginnings

It's been quite a while since I posted...  School starts for me on Wednesday, so I'm trying to finish knitting Christmas presents.

I have finished Mom's mitts.  I finished those yesterday and Mom loves them.  (I like the colour combination, but knitting with the yarn itself wasn't the best.)  (Photographed by Red-Headed Sister)

 I also was able to get a significant amount of work done on Red-Headed Sister's Hufflepuff scarf.  Several trips in the car and time sitting around allowed me to get almost finished.  I'm now half way done with the last yellow stripe, then one more black stripe, then wash and block and add tassels.  Older Sister got a picture of my niecelette "helping" me knit it.

And I finished my third star-crossed slouchy beret.  This one is for me.  I had help with this one as well--both from my niecelette and her second cousin, three-year-old Lucy.  While knitting it, I didn't have a cable needle with me, so I ended up using the earpiece of my sunglasses.  Ah, necessity...  It looks just like the other two I've already knitted, so no pics of that one.  But I'm going to wear it on Wednesday for my first day back at school.  I hope it doesn't rain... (Remind me to check the weather forecast.)

I've also started a scarf by request for my brother-in-law.  I like the texture.  The color is kind of off--I couldn't get the texture to show with the flash on.  The background is supposed to be pale blue and the scarf itself royal blue.  The royal blue is also by request.

So that's where I stand.  I'd really like to finish the Hufflepuff scarf tonight, block it overnight, and tassel it tomorrow.  That will leave just BIL's scarf on the needles, and then working on a crocheted blanket for Husband.  But I have some lovely peacock blue wool blend that I think is going to turn into a shawl...  I have a pattern in mind, I think, but I'm still looking...

This upcoming semester I will be taking three typical classes: World Regional Geography, Borders and Regions, and Survey of Native American Languages.  I will also have three classes via independent study: teacher's assistant for Introduction to Linguistics, independent study Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics, and credit for the Mayan dictionary project that I will have been working on for a year.  I'll also be working as my professor's research assistant (and her project is linguistics and knitting related.  Fabulous).

Ok, well, I'm off to go do more knitting (while watching NCIS and eating M&M's)!


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