Knitting right along...

Well, I have finally finished all the Christmas presents!  I showed you mom's mitts, and now here's Red-Headed sister's Hufflepuff scarf.  Finished.  Let me say that again.  Fin-ished!  Knitted, blocked, and fringed.  (It took four months to complete.  It's a good thing she loves it!  I will never make one of these ever again.)

Wait--I take it back.  There is one more Christmas present I've promised: a blanket for my husband (a Chocobo blanket).  But crocheting all those granny squares are gonna take a while, too.  But he's agreed to wait patiently.

I got several more rows done on BIL's scarf, and the texture is showing up beautifully.  It looks awesome.  I have almost one foot done, and would like to have it done in the next few weeks, so that BIL can wear it while it's still wintry outside.

Oh, and a picture I forgot to post from the trip to visit family.  My knitting "helpers" decorated my pattern book for me.  (I use whiteboard markers on sheet protectors to keep track of where I am in the pattern.) They each picked a marker and went to town.  The whole book still looks like this.  (Their moms appreciated that the markers were washable... their little fingers were pink and purple, too.)

Today was the first day back at school.  I looked very cute, if I do say so myself (and yes, I'm wearing my hat!):

It rained like mad, though.  But there was lightning, so it's ok.  I love lightning...


  1. Older Sister20/1/10 20:34

    Yay Bitter Knitter! Is it silly that I just realized that the "A" has multiple meanings? lol. I'm feeling left out...I gotta think of something to request...hehehe

    Love ya!


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