Time keeps marching relentlessly forward and then races past, bringing April closer and closer.  Deadlines for grant proposals and papers are looming nearer...  I really should get off Blogger and get to work on my poster, because (insert severe sarcasm) thanks to furloughs (and spring break) I have to print it by Thursday of next week, even though that presentation isn't until the 6th of April.  Sigh... But we're hoping to videotape our speakers on Tuesday for my presentation at WAIL. 

BIL's scarf is progressing slowly, but I'm hoping to have it done by the 1st weekend of April as well, for BIL's birthday.  (Act surprised, Sid!)  But I have finished the unbloggable projects I mentioned... hope to get those mailed off tomorrow.  Pictures soon!

And, thanks to the turning and tilting of the planet (which corresponds with the passing of time) we are coming up on the Vernal Equinox on Saturday.  It's really been lovely the past few days.  (Red-headed sister and I have pulled out the sunscreen.)  Spring has come.  I came home from school and threw open the windows.

Well, because time won't stop and wait for me, and because TIME IS A LIMITED RESOURCE and TIME IS A VALUABLE COMMODITY, it's time for me to stop wasting it and use it wisely before it is all gone.

(Once again, if anyone manages to get their hands on a time-turner, time machine, cloning device, etc, please let me know.  Any way to make the precious little time I have stretch out and last longer would be great.)

Ah, metaphor!  Ok, ok, I'm going....


  1. Good luck sister! Thinking about you...And, yes, I've pulled out the sunblock here too.


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