Sleepytime with Socks

Saturday was a triumphant day--I finished knitting my first ever Pair o' Socks!!

Yes, here they are... a matched set:

They fit divinely.  Way better than store-bought socks.  Y'all had no idea that your socks really didn't fit well, did you?  Well they don't.  So now you should all be dissatisfied with the fit of your store-bought socks and learn to knit socks that are tailor-made for your feet.

I finished knitting them at a women's conference on Saturday.  It was fun... me knitting, the woman in front of me knitting, a woman in the row in front of her and off to the left was either knitting or crocheting... and that was just in my little section.  I wonder just how many of us there were?

These socks are my 8th finished knitted item (counting paired things as one item).  I'm simply pleased as punch with how they turned out.

Other than that I've currently got a couple of unbloggable projects on the needles right now, but I'll let you know what those are as soon as I finish them and get them to where they are going to go.  Oh, and I went to Knitter's Anonymous tonight at my LYS which was a lot of fun. (And will be useful in collecting data for my final paper in cognitive linguistics: the use of metaphors in knitting.  Mwah ha ha!!!  It's all DATA...)  And I actually managed to walk out of the store without buying anything, even though I really, really, really wanted to...  Who can resist a beautiful variegated yarn?  Or self-striping sock weight?  Mmmmm....

On a non-knitting note, my paper was accepted to the Workshop on American Indigenous Languages at the end of April!  I'm excited and intimidated at the same time.  We (my native speakers and I) started recording voice files yesterday at our weekly meeting.  We had a male speaker doing the Q'anjob'al recordings, another male speaker doing the Spanish recordings, and me doing the English recordings.  One of the words we chose to record this week was the word for flower.  Most of the sentences for that word were things like, "I love the man who gives me flowers" and "The man who gives me flowers loves me."  We were all positively hysterical...  We actually got 15 files recorded, though, which is great!  Now we just have to decide what we want to cover in our presentation...

Well, my husband is claiming "sleepytime," so I suppose it's time to log off the computer and go to sleep.  Busy day tomorrow, with the CSUSM teach-in and rally and classes...  'Night, all.

Oh... and husband titled the post.  It's all his idea.


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