Let's see... when I last posted ten days ago, I had just finished three hats for niecelettes and nephewito.  While I have multiple projects in progress (ahem... hibernating...), I was in the mood for something new, and by new, I mean things I haven't done yet.  So here's what I've recently cast-on:

Item Number One: My first ever pair of toe-up socks.  I'm calling them Summer Fog Socks, and they're made using the Wendy's "Summer 2008 Socks" in "Lavender Topaz," making these also the first ever item not knit in a solid colour yarn, and is the finest yarn I've worked with yet, with the smallest needles.  Size 0!  The socks are biasing, but I won't know until I get farther along if that's going to be a problem.  Other Ravelrians agree to the leans-to-the-right bias, but there was no clear consensus as to whether it will block out or not.  But I'm contemplating switching the pattern for the other sock to use a k2tog where a ssk is used... just to see if it will bias the other way!  (Then I'd have a right sock and a left sock.)  Don't be deceived by the photo--it's only about 4.5 inches long.  It's just hiding!

Item Number Two:  Another pair of cuff-down socks.  The pattern is Yuliya's "Rainy Day Socks."  I began these on a rainy Monday, so these are called "Monday Socks."  Red-Headed Sister and I listened to "Rainy Days and Mondays" on our way to school, so it just seemed so apropos.  These are my first project knit using a bamboo blend.  The colour is "Coral Lipstick" and it makes the socks just so cheery!  (Kind of ironic, yes?  But I love it!)  They're also my first project with a provisional cast on and a picot-edge.  I love how the cuff has turned out thus far.

Item Number Three:  My first ever shawl, my first ever something knit flat on a circular needle (which is just so counter-intuitive to me...), and still needs a name.  This pattern is Stephen West's "Colonnade Shawl" published in Knitty in Fall 2009.  You would think that, after two and a half hours at Knitter's Anonymous last night, I would be further along, but I knit about 6 rows, noticed an error, tinked back to row 2, knit up to row 6, noticed a dropped stitch, and had to frog back to the start.  So now I'm back on row 6.  But the yarn is a beautifully soft nylon blend (Fantasy, Dark Horse Yarns).

In terms of non-knitting news, I presented my paper last weekend at SDSU.  It went pretty well--my video and audio didn't work, which was disappointing, but I made it through.  I got a lot of great comments from those in attendance.  (They were very impressed that I've done this work as an undergrad!)

WAIL is two weeks away--similar presentation, way different audience.  And I absolutely MUST have the video working for that one.  Cross your fingers that it will work!

And then I graduate a month from today!  It's going to be a very busy month...  But, if the weather plays along, Red-Headed Sister and I are going to go feed the ducks tomorrow.


  1. I was talking to my husband about your love for knitting socks. He mentioned that it makes perfect sense to him, after all, you've always loved fun socks. Now, you can just make your own to a perfect fit.


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