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I haven't blogged recently.  There's not much to blog about knitting when one is knitting multiple stealth projects.  I've added a new one... so in addition to
 I have added:

Isn't that just so exciting for you?  Yeah... that's all you get.  Sorry.  (Ravelry friends, however, can go see real pictures on my Rav page.  Everyone else has to wait.  Perks of being a knitter...  Family: please do not go making fake Ravelry profiles just to see the projects.  It defeats the purpose of them being stealth.)

I've turned the heel on my second Joy in the Journey sock and am meandering my way down the foot.  (It's just not exciting to knit the same thing a second time.  Not that it's exactly the same thing--I did flip the pattern so it will be the reverse of the first one, but the concept is the same.)  And as it looks remarkably similar to the first one, I have no pictures for you at this present time.  Once I have two (really awesome) completed socks, I will post pictures.  Next week, maybe?

And I have frogged my Summer Fog Socks.  They were biasing big time, taking forever, and I started the heel too soon making them too small for my foot.  I decided to let them go.  I'll try toe-up socks again some other time.  Right now cuff-down is working just fine for me.

Well, since I'm not showing you any fun pictures of knitting, how about fun pictures of our family's NEW PUPPY!?

World- meet Bashful.  We're calling him Bash.  He's a Mastiff mix (we think) that we adopted from the Humane Society, and is a total sweetie.  He lives with Mom, Dad, & Red-Headed Sister.  He's about seven months old and is going to grow up to be a BIG DOG.  He has totally charmed the whole family... well, the family he's met, anyway!

Oh, and I suppose I could show you the new yarn I bought last week at my LYS... I'm still trying to decide what to do with it:
Mountain Colors: Crazyfoot: Osprey
Mountain Colors: Crazyfoot: Spruce

I love the colours (click to embiggen) which is, of course, the reason I bought them.  I'm thinking shawls, but need pattern ideas.  Suggestions?  Each skein is 425 yards...


  1. Beautiful colors, as always! Good luck being stealty and thanks for more pictures of The Bash. I can't wait to meet him!


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