Not a Quilter

My sister has something she calls her "I Don't" list.  The creation of such a list for myself is something upon which I have been ruminating for some time, and today, I think I'll add this:

I don't quilt.  In fact, as soon as I finish sewing all the skirts for which I already have material, I'm going to change this to "I don't sew."  I'd say it now, but I really do love long skirts and in order to own them, I have to make them.  I hate sewing.  And maybe that's partially because sewing machines and I don't get along, but there are so many other reasons:
  1. You can't fit a sewing machine in your purse.  You can't take a sewing project on the go with you.  You have to be at home (or wherever your sewing machine may be).  You can, however, fit a sock in your purse.  Just sayin'.
  2. You're stuck at the table.  You can't lay in bed or sit on the couch while sewing.  It just doesn't work.  Believe me, I've contemplated how to possibly make it work otherwise.  Nope.  Doesn't work.
  3. It's loud!  Ok, it's not that loud, but it's loud enough to become annoying.  Loud enough that you can't really carry on a conversation.  Loud enough that you ought to stop when people are trying to sleep.
  4. Bobbins.  I must be cursed when it comes to bobbins.  My sewing machine won't wind them--the tension on them isn't consistent.  Don't ask me questions.  I don't have answers.  And my little "SideWinder" has stopped winding them as well.  And believe me-winding bobbins by hand is just obnoxious.
Why do I bring this up?  Because back in, oh, December, I was given all the material to sew the "class quilt" for the second grade class in which I was student teaching.  I finished it yesterday and dropped it off today.  (What can I say... it's been a busy semester.)


  1. I'll give you another reason: you can't frog your sewing. Once that fabric's cut, it's cut. But the quilt is great -- congratulations on finishing it :)

  2. Kimberly7/6/10 18:45

    Well, at least its done - that's exciting! Have fun with that I Don't list, I sure do have fun with mine. ;)

  3. willknit4borscht/Kim13/6/10 15:09

    I gave up my sewing machine a few years ago, and now that's my excuse for not knitting anything that needs a zipper! And, you're right, knitting is way more portable!


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