Fell off the face of the Blogosphere...

Been a bit, hasn't it?  Now that I'm not in school, the days just blend together...  It's actually getting to the point in the summer when I'm ready for school to start again, but I'm not going back to school in the Fall.  Hmm... time to actually start looking for a job perhaps?

In the past month, I have finished one of my hibernating projects in time for Elder Sister's birthday and I am making good progress on a couple of my stealth projects.  I also finished another pair of socks made with yarn that I received for my graduation from the woman who taught me to knit:

I'm also almost done with my first shawl!  Yay!  The pattern is Bermuda, and I'm knitting it with Mini Mochi's Beach Scene, which is wonderfully soft.  The short rows and colour changes work together to create an amazing effect.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.  This week?  Maybe next?

I've also cast on for another pair of socks.  I'm addicted!  My prof gave me Cookie A's Sock Innovation book (which has been on my wish list since I completed my first sock!) and I'm starting with the pattern named "Rick" which has fantastic swirls going around the sock (and the socks are mirror images of each other, which I appreciate).  The picture doesn't pick up the swirls very well yet, but here it is anyway.  The colour is called "Denim":

Such a happy colour.   Speaking of happy colours, IcelandicGardener is giving away a hand-dyed skein of merino fingering yarn in an awesome pink on her blog, if you'd like to enter the contest!


  1. Thank you for the shout out! Looks like you could use the sock yarn since you like making them so much. Happy needle clicking.

  2. Knitting and creaming Red at monopoly huh...what a life!


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