A Christmas Goodbye

I've decorated my window for Christmas.  My policy is that, since we're suspending Christmas we may as well suspend all the decorations, too.  I'm not putting any decorations on flat surfaces.  (Except the tree, which others insisted on putting on the ground and which I've already protested.)  They're hung or they're not displayed.  (Call me Grinchy, call me Scrooge.  Maybe I am as you say.  Some days I think that I should have skipped directly from the end of November to the beginning of January... today is one of those days.)

Every time I turn around our holiday plans have changed.  I suppose they're as set as they're going to be now, as they're already in progress.  Husband and my sister-in-law left early this morning to drive up to see my in-laws.  This is a change because Husband and I were supposed to drive up next week, and sister-in-law had no plans of going.  After blogging Monday we received some very sad news.  Husband's nephew, 19-month-old Tommy, died in his sleep Sunday night after a short but difficult life.  Husband and my sister-in-law will be attending the funeral tomorrow while I will be covering shifts at my sister-in-laws work and then I will fly out next week to join Husband and the family for Christmas itself.  Keep this dear family in your prayers/thoughts, please.

We will greatly miss this sweet little child who has gone home to his Heavenly Father.


  1. Oh, I am so terribly sorry to hear this news. I will keep all of you in my thoughts - please know you have my deepest condolences.


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