NO-vember... Moving on...

If there was an award for being an inconsistent blogger, I would win.  My last post was a month ago as I was one week into NaKniSweMo.

I think I'm going to add November National Whatever Months to my "I don't" list.  I did get about 16 inches done, which I calculate to be 19,074 stitches.  Not bad for moving in the middle of November, but not exactly a 50,000+ stitch completed sweater.

I still have quite a bit to do; It's not close to done by any stretch of the imagination.  But for now it's on hold as I frantically knit Christmas presents.  I read the Yarn Harlot's blog today as I was taking a break from knitting and completely agree with the statement of "I feel like I'm going into this Christmas with no reserves."  I started knitting for this Christmas months ago, and yet I'm still really pushed for time.  (That and my family is Christmas-ing on the 19th, which cuts into knitting days.)

I haven't completed anything since my shawl, so I really have no exciting knitting to show you.  That's kind of a bummer, because I feel like I've been knitting non-stop but have nothing completed to show for it.  I guess that's the price one pays for having several wips (wip = work in progress) at the same time.  But how about new yarn?  Yarning for You had an excellent Black Friday sale and I picked up more sock yarn.  (Mmmm.  Yay.  Sock yarn.)

Well.  That's all I've got.  I'm procrastinating working on Christmas presents because the knitting itself isn't very interesting.  On the up-side I finally got my new crutches in time for the trip up to Utah for Christmas.  One of my old crutches broke and is now completely unusable, which is useless for ice and snow.  It took a month to get the crutches, which was frustrating (way to leave a spoonie high and dry, folks), but now they're here and way nicer than my old ones.

Ok.  I've got to get back Christmas knitting.  Heigh ho.


  1. Anonymous7/12/10 17:37

    Love the pattern and colour of your sweater. It will look gorgeous on you when you finally have time to finish it. Unfortunately, you will probably have to make time in the New Year because there are always "have to" projects. Glad the crutches finally came. (Would give you all my spoons if I could) xo Mom

  2. Hi, It's Lisa,
    I have gray hair and sat next to you Wed at YFY. I accidentally knocked over your new crutches and hope they did not get a dent, scratch or mark. Please forgive me, I am sorry. I am inspired by your knitting and have begun knitting with double points and DK or lace weight yarn after seeing your work. Thank you for the spoons article, also inspiring. Hope you have a chance to knit while traveling to Utah. We used to love camping in Utah when we lived in Meeker, Colorado from 1979 to '81. Hope to see you next Wed at YFY, Lisa

    **edited by blog admin to remove last name of comment author**

  3. Hi, Lisa-
    It was nice seeing you on Wednesday. I just wish the trip to Utah was BEFORE the Christmas knitting gifts needed to be done because that's a lot of time sitting. Isn't that what long car rides are for? Unfortunately I'm supposed to gift them all before we leave on the 21st, so I'm knitting like a mad woman. See you on Wednesday at the YfY party, I suppose!

    P.S. The crutches are fine. ;-) Goodness knows how often I drop them myself!!!

  4. Oh, I'm glad the crutches finally came in!! I tell you, don't they get that they are needed for, oh I don't know, mobility?!

    You are a brave woman to commit to Christmas knitting. I appear to have given up...

  5. Hi better bitter neater knitter...I know, I'll stop.
    I tried to edit and add a photo using my vintage computer skills (I studied an ancient computer language in the dark ages called Fortran which is why I became a nurse) but as you can see was not successful.
    Thank you for your reassuring reply.
    One way to look at the car ride is an opportunity to do FUN knitting for yourself.
    I too love the Oxford English Dictionary and have an old edition in two volumes, a bonus gift for joining the Book of the month club in the late 70s or early 80s, came with a magnifying glass.
    Can you believe this weather? Lisa


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