Suspended Christmas

For a while there was some hubbub in the house as to the critical question of the season:
Where are we gonna put the tree?!

Last year this wasn't a problem.  But last year this room didn't exist and the Christmas tree was right here.  Where I'm sitting, right now, on my bed, writing this blog post.  Yeah.  SO not going to work this year.  My sister-in-law's family (hence forth dubbed the S family for simplicity's sake) has a HUGE Christmas tree.  I suppose that when the average member of their family is over 6-feet-tall an 8-or-9-or-10-foot Christmas tree looks proportionate.  But now that Husband and I have moved in, there's no floor space for it.

We ended up using our little 5-foot tree.  It stands in the entryway and looks so vulnerable petite in this household of giants.  But for a while, we contemplated a far more interesting solution:
Take the 8-or-9-or-10 foot tree and hang it from the ceiling.

Yup.  The idea was to decorate the tree and then hoist it and leave it hanging from the ceiling with a 7-foot clearance underneath.  Something like... this:

(Except instead of being decorated with Christmas bulbs, please imagine that it is decorated with biohazard and radioactive warning symbols...  Just go with it.)

This is relevant because Christmas has been suspended.  The S family will celebrate Christmas & exchange hand-knit gifts sometime the last week of December/first week of January.  (We thought that suspending the tree would have been a great physical representation, but those responsible for the actual physical labor of hanging said huge tree from above pictured tall ceiling didn't want to expend all the extra effort.)  While Husband and I will be Christmas-ing with my parents on the 19th, I don't have to have any knitted gifts finished by then.  Instead, we will give ElderSister & her family their gifts (they're the ones getting hand-knit gifts) on the 28th and then exchange gifts at home with the S family.  (That's one long Christmas season.  Especially considering that Christmas decorations were up in stores before Halloween and radio stations have been playing Christmas music since early November.  I'm so over Commercialmas already... but that is another post for another time.)  The suspension of Christmas will allow me plenty of knitting time!

As I'm only working on Christmas gifts right now I have no new knitting to show you, but I thought I would show one of my favourite things about my new room:

The sun comes through that top window right about 11:30/noon every day and shines on my bed.  Mmmm... I love the sunshine and my bedroom gets a nice lot of it around midday.


  1. And I bet you curl up in that sun like the "cat" we always nicknamed you...

    Have a good trip! It was fun to hang out last night...

  2. I am with you on the sunshine - such a nice thing to have in one's room! And I'm very entertained by the notion of hanging a Christmas tree; my engineering husband probably would not have been able to let go of the plan so easily. But you know what they say about the better part of valor :) Glad you've got more time to finish that holiday knitting!


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