Knitting with Resolve

We're now over a week into the new year.  I've been mulling over the past year and what I want to "resolve" to do this year, so here's my 2011 knitting goal:

Complete at least 24 knit projects.

That's an average of two a month.  (Last year, my first complete year as a knitter, I finished 20 projects of various sizes, so I think this goal is extremely reasonable, as I was also in school for half the year.)

Among those projects I want to:

  • Knit a project with beads.
  • Knit a pair of mittens.
  • Knit a pair of gloves.
  • Knit a pair of toe-up socks.
Among my list of things to knit "someday" are the following:
  • Knit an afghan
  • Knit with 100% silk
  • Knit with cashmere
  • Knit a drop stitch pattern
  • Knit a pullover sweater
  • Knit a cardigan with buttons
  • Knit something that has steeks
  • Knit something with entrelac
  • Knit something intarsia
I also want to learn how to knit Continental and how to knit and purl backwards.  If any of these happen this year, great, if not, they'll be on the list next year.

I'm also going to aim to blog here more often... no more letting a whole month or more pass between posts.

I'm off to a good start this year: I've finished three projects already (of course, two were started before the new year, but as the goal says complete 24 projects, I get to count them this year.  They're not counted as part of last year's 20.)

First: Two gifted Christmas presents.

1- Biohazard beanie for S-nephew #3.  Modeled by Husband (who also wants one), I found the biohazard chart through Ravelry, and then took some basic stitch numbers from another beanie to get started.

2- Sid's Scarf for Elder Sister's husband, modeled here by their darling little girl, my niecelette.  He requested it after last Christmas, and finally got it for this one.

Also, a finally-completed stealth project that you haven't seen yet which was gifted for Christmas (but finished before the new year, so it counted last year) is the scarf knit for Elder Sister:

I've also finished a project for me, started in 2011: Chandelier wristers:

I love this pattern.  I think it's fantastic.  I think I'm going to knit more pairs of these in the future, but I think I'll join it to knit in the round when I reach the second lace pattern.  I additionally loved how fast they knitted up.  I was going crazy; after knitting my sweater through November and then Christmas presents through December (that got finished in January), I was dying to finish something (and something for me!).

So I'm currently working on my sweater (which looks like it did in the previous blog posts, except longer), re-knitting my beach shawl, and working on two pair of socks.  I would (ideally) like to finish my sweater by the end of February.  May or may not be wishful thinking.  But it IS going to be finished this year.

Well, at least I've figured out my knitting resolutions.  Now to decide what other resolutions I want to set for this year...


  1. Those are great resolutions - and you've made a huge start towards that 24! I love those mitts - they're very you. And you and your sister have the same smile :)


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