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It's looking sweaterish!  After 18 pattern repeats, I finally finished the horseshoe lace pattern.  I have successfully divided for the back and fronts and managed not to flub the shaping!  Today I begin the sleeves... all 50 inches of sleeve... but with how fast the back and fronts went, I actually don't think that it will be too bad.  (Of course, I'm saying that now.  Ask me how I feel about it later, when I'm done with one sleeve and realize that had I normal length arms I would be a third of the way through the second sleeve.)

My niecelette (3yo) has discovered Fraggle Rock.  She called me the other day because she was watching an episode and the Doozers take up knitting because they can't build, which is what they usually do (for whatever reason.  I missed that part).  But they sing a song about knitting.  And I know you want to see it too, so I've embedded it below.  (If you find it hard to understand the lyrics, you can read them here.)


  1. You know it's bad when even a Muppet can't get a knitted garment to fit!! That sweater, though, is looking good :)

  2. Anonymous21/1/11 12:54

    So I must admit that I love how Henson your post is, from the doozers k-nitting to your title...which makes me jump into singing from Muppet Movie. Oh, and just in case you care, Doozers build because its their nature. That's all they like to do. And they can't because there are no radishes, so they take up knitting instead.

    Love your sweater! You've made fabulous progress. If it hadn't been for Christmas and your movie, you probably would have totally finished in November.


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