Growing a sweater

Take some yarn... (well, not just some yarn.  Lots of yarn.  About 1200 yards in this particular instance.)

Add some knitting needles, a few stitch markers, a handful of blocking pins, and an emergency crochet hook.  Wait 125 days (who knows how many hours... I'm not sure I really want to know that number...) and then, if the Knitting Fates have smiled upon you...

...your yarn will grow up to become a sweater.

My NaKniSweMo sweater is finally all grown up.  *sniff*  

More photos when I can get some one to take them for me--I'm just ecstatic with the fact that these sleeves are LONG ENOUGH for my abnormally long arms.

Also, since my last post, I've finished another pair of socks:

These are the first pair of socks I created without a specific pattern--they are knit straight from my brain.  They are also my first socks with afterthought heels.  I love the colours, especially of the variegated yarn.  The LYS I bought it at only had one skein of the variegated but I really, really wanted it, so I bought the solid for the cuff, toe, and heel, cast on and knit the cuff, then knit with the variegated until I was halfway through my yarn, and then knit the toe.  Then I added the heel where it needed to be.

I'm making progress on the Aster Vest.  I've finished the back and am well on my way on the left front.  No pictures because it just looks like wadded up yarn...  Lace is one of those amazing things that can look totally lumpy and miserable before blocking and then looks incredible after blocking.  There's no point in showing you the lumpy miserableness right now, but I'm loving the pattern.

I still owe you pictures of the things I've recently stealth knit, but as I still haven't gifted them they are still in stealth mode.  Soon, though, I hope!


  1. I love the socks! I think that the solid is a great touch on them, and the color is awesome.

  2. Anonymous30/3/11 13:28

    I think your sweater looks simply mahvelous! I like the colours you chose for the socks and that you kind of did them "out of your head." Brilliant knitting girl! Mom

  3. Well, you know how much I love that sweater - it is perfect on you! And I also know how lace can be, so I will look forward to seeing it in all its blocked glory. :)

  4. Anonymous1/4/11 15:42

    Ohh I love those socks they are so cute XD


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