Goodbye, October! It was fun...

At least I have knitting to show for the time that has passed!

I have finished one of the two projects I mentioned at the end of my previous post:

This is the baby sweater I was talking about that just needed sleeves.  The pattern is "Oriental Lily" and I just love it...  More of these in my little one's future, methinks.

I've also completed an itty-bitty pair of booties (pattern: Saartje's Bootees) which are just darling, if I do say so myself:

And, third, my contribution to Knit for the Cure 2011, a "Ground Flower Hat."  I do love the pattern and how the hat turned out.  There may be more of these in my future...

In more fun knitting-related news, a couple of friends and I went to the nearest Yarn Harlot book signing a couple of hours to the north.  Of course, we didn't just go to the book signing... we yarn-crawled our way there first!  The other two ladies I went with knit on the way up, but since the pregnant lady gets motion sick, I got to drive.  While I'm a little bummed that I missed out on all that knitting time, I did get to drive my friend's really, really nice BMW that accelerates like a dream...  That's an acceptable trade-off.  We saw and fondled a lot of yarn, and some of it followed us home, so of course we had to keep it.  I think, total, we hit six stores.

The book reading and signing was awesome.  And we all met Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and I've even got proof.

Plus...  I got mentioned on the Yarn Harlot's blog!  I'm the 16th photo down...

In her recent posts, she'd been talking about her Gwendolyn sweater that she had to snip and graft because of mis-crossed cables, so I brought in my Sophia Cardi with the sleeve that had to be snipped and grafted because of puled stitches.  I have been dubbed a fellow "Black Ops Knitter" and I love it.


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