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So... March... Where has the time gone?  My baby is now two and a half months old!  Jo is growing great, no longer a scrawny newborn.  She's currently napping, so I'm stealing a spare minute to update the blog!

I'm blessed with a great sleeper, so on occasion, during a nap or while Jo hangs out with Daddy, I get to knit a row or two, so I have actually finished a few things...

In early January, I finished promised Christmas presents:

"Gamer's Gloves" for the eldest CS nephew--the giant!  His hands are huge, and he asked for fingerless gloves.  They're shown here on my hand, but his are MUCH bigger!

And for my very patient husband for whom I promised one of these beanies, oh, say, a year ago, I finally finished his Biohazard Beanie:

I also wanted to knit a hat for Jo to go with her blessing dress...

That didn't go so well.  The first one started out too small, so I pulled it back and made the next larger size... and then it grew when I washed it.

So I decided to knit it again with some changes, but then it wouldn't stay on...

So I knit the smaller size again, which fits, but she ended up not wearing it because it's cuter to see her hair, anyway.

Cuter without, agreed?

Well, naptime probably won't last too much longer, so this hasn't been the most loquacious post, but "they" say a picture's worth a thousand words, so how about a couple more pictures of Jo in some of her hand-knit sweaters?

Baby surprise with booties from Jocelyn
The Lily Sweater I knit for her.  More of these in her future, methinks.
Baby surprise from Lisa.
Hark- the sounds of naptime ending.  Thus ends the blog post.


  1. Love those pictures! They're worth a thousand words, indeed (I especially love the one of babe and dad together). Thanks for letting me hold her the other night :)


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