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So... I'm composing this post via my cellphone during another of Jo's naps... Bear with me because I have no idea how the formatting will turn out.

I last blogged over two months ago. Jo will be five months old next week! I haven't had much time for knitting, but I did complete a hat for the daughter of a friend of a friend who has leukaemia.

Jo doesn't like it when I sit and knit. That's boring! But she doesn't mind watching me sort my stash or organise my WIPs because I'm moving around and that's more fun to watch! So I've organised my stash by yarn weight and gathered all of my WIPs together.

I currently have 14 UFOs:
2 pair of socks
2 pair of mitts
2 pair of baby booties
a sweater
a vest
a shawl
a cowl
a baby sweater
a baby blanket
a doll
a "little red riding hood" cape

I am determined not to cast on anything new until 10 of these are done! (Yeah... we'll see how that goes...)

I have, however, written up the pattern for the Dalek jumper I knit for Jo. If you click the tab for "Patterns" at the top of the page you can see it on Jo and follow the link to see the pattern on Ravelry.

OK... time to hit publish and see what this post looks like live...


  1. Anonymous14/5/12 15:51

    Cute jumper...cuter model! =D (Mom-Grandmommy)

  2. It looks good! Love the hat, and I'm impressed both by the number of WIPs, and by the resolution to finish 10 (!!) before starting something new. Can't wait to see how that goes :)

  3. (OK, now I don't know if my earlier comment went through... Sigh - love google...)


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