Hand-knits for Everyone!

Well, maybe not for everyone, but I have been spreading the hand-knit love... and now that all those stealth projects have been gifted, I can share them.

Last blog post (four and a half months ago!), I complained that I had too many WIPs (14) and vowed to finish a whole bunch of them before starting another, aiming to have no more than six WIPs at a time.  Let's see how that went, shall we?

Mid-May, I had two pair of socks on the needles.  I finished one pair:
and then cast on for another.  Having a pair of "vanilla" socks in progress at all times is a must... they are the best "on-the-go" knitting.  I may not have as much time with my hands free while I'm waiting around that I used to before I had a baby, but I still need my plain socks.  Since I did not finish the other pair of socks, I still have two pair in progress.

I also had two pair of mitts in progress.  I finished these:
but did not finish the other pair.  They are made from unspun mawata and are going to be in hibernation for a while as my child likes to eat yarn and I don't need "help" drafting the silk!

I was also working on two pair of baby booties, both of which I finished and gifted:
These went to Aurora.  Her daddy plays hockey, so she needed ice skate baby booties!

These went to Mia.

I also started and finished two more pair, both for the newest niece on my husband's side of the family, just born two days ago:

I currently have no baby booties in progress!

I also had a baby sweater in the works.  This went to another niece on my husband's side, Julie:

And I knit another baby sweater in 12-18 month size for Jo.

And I knit her a dress for the Ravellenic Games:

I also knit two "Monster Chunks" as gifts:

I am still working on the sweater, vest, shawl, doll, and little red riding hood cape.  I frogged the cowl and the baby blanket.  I started two more stealth projects.

Of the 14 I had in progress, I finished five and frogged two, leaving seven still in progress.  Seven is almost six!  But then I started nine more and finished only six of them.  I currently have ten projects on the needles.  So much for not starting anything else until I finished ten of the projects that were then in progress!  Oh, well...


  1. Ha! This sounds familiar! But I love everything you've done - particularly that dress (and its modeller), and the new pair of socks. I'm with you on the plain-vanilla socks - nothing is better for knitting a few rows here and there.


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