How Long?!

No, this post isn't about how long it's been since I last blogged (which actually wasn't that long ago...)  It's about how long a couple of my projects have been on the needles...  Since 2010, that's how long.  And when you consider that I only took up knitting in September of 2009, that's a long time!  Well, I finally finished two of those long standing UFOs (UnFinished Objects) this month!

Confession: I started both of these projects with the intent of making them for my niece back when she was a toddler.  Uh huh... that was four years ago... I didn't finish them as quickly as I wanted to, and then she got too big for them, and then I had no one else to give them to.  Then I had a little girl of my own and finally got them finished!

Project 1: Little Red Riding Hood Cape

I started this in May of 2010.  I started the two-year-old size, because I was knitting it for my toddler niece.  Then I put it into hibernation mode because I heard of a crazy thing called NaKniSweMo (which I totally bombed... somebody remind me NOT to attempt ANY November Month Challenges EVER, okay?) and so it didn't get finished for Christmas and didn't make it back into the active project pile.  And Niecelette grew.  (Geez.  So inconvenient.)  In May of 2011 I pulled it back out, frogged what I had done, and restarted the four-year-old size, hoping to finish it by her birthday.  Well, I didn't.  And she grew some more.  She grew until it no longer made sense to knit a cape for a four-year-old because she wouldn't be able to fit into it for very long.  So I didn't see a point in knitting it anymore and stuck it in very deep hibernation.

It has finally emerged!  And finished!  It is, of course, four-year-old size and therefore way too big for Jo just yet (especially since she is not quite yet walking... capes are kind of a walking thing), but she modeled for me (and didn't fight me about the hood being on.  That's big.)

Project 2: Maggie Doll

This was started in September of 2010 intended for Niecelette's Christmas.  But, as I said above, NaKniSweMo came along and kicked several projects into the hibernation basket.  But she grew.  And she had "Baby Hat" of whom she was very fond and so I no longer felt a need to knit a doll for her.  In October of 2011, once I knew I was pregnant with a little girl of my own, I pulled this one out of hibernation and worked on it again.  A couple of rows, anyway...  I finally pulled it out for real this month and FINISHED.  She will be given to Jo on her first birthday this December.

I still have one project from 2010 still in my basket, but it's one of only SIX projects currently in progress.  That one got stuck because I knit it and then decided I didn't like the size and so I frogged it and started again.  I also have one project from 2011.  That one hibernated when I got pregnant and motion sick from everything.   I pulled it out a while ago and realized that I had knit two different size fronts and got mad at it and stuck it back in hibernation.  In a while I'll forgive it enough to pull it back out and fix it.  And then four projects started this year.  I have set deadlines for two of them to be finished before the year ends.  (We'll see how that goes.  Don't hold your breath.  I don't have a good track record.)


  1. I will send you good knitting vibes. Hopefully we can both finish our projects on or before their deadlines!

    Also, you have a typo. "It no longer made since to knit a cape for a four year old..."

  2. I am wildly impressed! I try very hard NOT to know just how long some of my projects have been OTN - I think you're doing very well (especially considering that you grew a baby during that period, too!).


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