WIP Wednesday: Oldest WIP

Today's WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday report features my longest standing WIP, my Beach Shawl.  Here's what it looks like today:

Huh... some of you might say.  This looks kind of familiar.

Yeah.  About that...

I originally started this shawl in June of 2010.  And then I finished it less than a month later.  But I wasn't happy with it.  It was too short:

And I had no clue what I was doing when it came to blocking:

So sad.

So I frogged it completely and started over on a larger needle.  And that's where it's been ever since.  I revived it after the new year started and am making good progress again.  I'm hoping to finish it soon, but the rows keep getting longer and longer (the curse of the bottom-up shawl).  Plus the yarn is really not toddler friendly, especially toddler-who-eats-yarn friendly.  (It's Mini Mochi, which is technically machine washable, but it's single ply and still feltable.)

My Beach Shawl is one of five WIPs OTN (On The Needles) presently, but is the only one from 2010.  The next oldest is from 2011, and then three from 2012.  I've promised myself new yarn for Jo's next sweater when I finish a UFO (UnFinished Object).


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