FO Friday: Small Accomplishments

Since last Friday's FO post, I have finished two more projects, both on the smallish side of things.

First, a tiny white elephant that I knit to give in a white elephant gift exchange:

He's about an inch and a half tall.

Second, a little monster that I knit as part of a Random Acts of Monsters group that spreads the monster love to people who need cheering up or a little something special.  This little monster will soon be leaving, off to find a new family in South Dakota.

(Little monster in relative monster size, being only about seven inches tall.  Considerably bigger than the elephant, but on the small size as far as monsters are concerned.)

Being small projects, this FO Friday blog post shall follow suit and be short as well.  Happy Friday, y'all.

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  1. Anonymous11/1/13 00:29

    The elephant is so cute.

  2. Cute! I am kind of dying to squish both of them, which I think is a good sign. Hope they're appreciated in their respective new homes, and that you knit more monsters. Serious.

  3. Oh, they are both so cute!


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