FO Friday: Monkeying Around

Well, with 15 minutes until Saturday, I'm squeezing in a FO Friday post.  (It is Friday, right?  My week got shuffled around a bit so I keep getting mixed up.)

Today's featured FO is one that was a stealth project for five months:

It's a monkey!  More specifically, he is a Tooth Fairy Monkey.  My niece (or rather, to be more specific, my oldest niece on my side of the family...) recently lost her first teeth.  I had intended to finish this monkey before she lost her first tooth, but we all know how I do with deadlines.  (Laughter here.)  But anyway, this monkey's purpose is to hold a tooth (instead of putting it under your pillow) for the Tooth Fairy and then hold whatever the Tooth Fairy brings you.  See?  The monkey even holds a bag:

(Again with the late night, bad lighting photo.  Ah, well.)  He didn't make it up to my niece in time for her first or second lost tooth (they came out in quick succession) but he's there for the next ones. (She's got two more loose teeth!)


  1. I know it's late, but I just wanted to let you know that I featured your Dalek jumper on Geek Crafts this morning. :)


  2. Tooth Fairy Monkey! genius.


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