I'm still alive!

Not that you would know it from reading my blog.  I am not good at keeping up with my blog.  It's the toddler's fault!  (Yes, I did just blame my lack of blog entries on my 19 month old.  [19 months!  I know, right?! Where has the time gone?!])  Toddler loves to play on my laptop and thinks that if the laptop is open, it must be open for her to play on... and I hate blogging from my phone, so I just don't blog at all.  (On a related note, I hate answering email on my phone, so I apologize to everyone out there who is waiting for an email from me...)

It seems that every few months I pop onto the blog and show you picture after picture of what I have knit since the last blog entry and then I disappear again.  Well, as it happens I have a dozen things that I have finished that I haven't shown you yet.  But I'm planning to spread them out and write a few posts with them.. then maybe you'll see me again before the new year.

Without further ado, onto one of my recent FOs:

 Pink mittens for the toddler for when we go up to Utah this winter.  I finished these back in February.  She thought they were ridiculously funny to have on her hands and then open and close her hands and clap them.  After playing with her mittens, she would then bring me socks to put on her hands:

Pardon the blurry photo.  Toddlers in motion do not photograph clearly.

For about twelve hours after finishing these mittens, I only had TWO WIPs - a vest and a sweater, both for me.  Pretty amazing considering I was up to fourteen or so a year prior!  Then, of course, I cast on something new... I am currently up to six, which is a good number for me.  I'm trying to keep it right around there.  Not too many, not too few, just enough to sprinkle across the spectrum of knitting complexity all the way from "takes no mental effort whatsoever" (good for conversations, movie theatres, etc.) to "makes my brain tired" (complex two handed colourwork, crazy cables, lace of insanity, etc.) so that one always has knitting appropriate for any situation.

With that, I bid you adieu before the toddler awakens from her nap! See you soon.... maybe!


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