Drive By Blogging: Waves

Here comes a super quick blog post... I'm going through the WIPs that I haven't blogged yet and sneaking a few minutes to write a blog post while my toddler (almost two!!!) spends some time with her daddy at the park.

Today's blog post project started as this yarn:

It was a birthday gift from my little sister.  Berroco calls the colour "Dreams." I love aqua.  It was cool to see all the colours in the skein as I wound them into balls.  (You will have to take my word on the colour... it's really hard to capture, in part because of the sheen of the yarn.)

And as I wound them, I knew that I wanted to turn this yarn into a drop stitch scarf.  The pattern is "Shimmer Wave Scarf" by Kate Hiester which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I used all but a foot or two of yarn on the scarf and it came out seven feet long and six inches wide when relaxed.  The colour changes subtly from row to row showing off the contours of the drop stitch pattern.  

I think this one shows off the colours best, but it's a little fuzzy... it seems I can't win:
More short blog posts to come... until next time.


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