Drive By Blogging: Beaded Bracelets

2013 was the year of the beaded bracelet.  There's a pattern that I like that I'd made once before so beaded bracelets became my standard gift pattern this year.  Really, it takes more time to string the beads and seam it at the end than it does to do the knitting.

I knit it in orange:

Red on black:

Aqua (x2):

"Moonstone" on grey (x2):


Pink (x2):

And I've got beads for at least a couple more... I may be developing a bead addiction.  Sometimes I used toggle clasps, like the one pictured above, but then I found magnetic clasps and switched to those.  One of the aqua bracelets got a bead clasp (which is pictured above) because the recipient is allergic to nickel, so the bead is plastic. My toddler really loves these and I think I may modify the pattern and make one or two in her size.  (She loves bling.)

Until my next drive by blog post!


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