Drive By Blogging: Summer mystery

In the summer of 2013, I participated in something on Ravelry called an "MKAL" - a "Mystery Knit A-Long."  The designer of the pattern creates a schedule and releases parts of the pattern one at a time.  When you join, you don't know what the finished product will end up being.  In this case, the pattern was "Ohh Summer" by Elena Nodel and I knew it was a cardigan and I measured my toddler so I'd know what size to knit.  I was told what weight of yarn to use, what size needles to use, and how much yarn I would need.  And that was about it.  At the end of the MKAL, I had this:

Here it is, modeled on my wiggly toddler:

This is modified from what is written in the pattern in that I used the same lace pattern from the sleeves on the body of the cardigan instead of the much bigger lace holes the designer wrote for the body.  I also knit the body a little longer than the pattern called for.

The only problem is that she doesn't really wear it... She doesn't have a need for a short sleeved cardigan, and I forget to pull it out of the drawer to add to her outfit as an accessory.  So I knit it again in a bigger size, this time severely modifying the pattern:

Let's see... for modifications, I lengthened the sleeves to full length with no garter stitch on the cuffs and knit the body in plain stockinette, removing the lace from the body entirely.  I also abandoned the picot bind offs.  I knit the body until I had no yarn left and cast off with only a couple yards remaining.  This one can be added over a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt when toddler just needs an extra layer but not something very heavy.


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