Minti and the travelling monsters

In 2013, I participated in a group on Ravelry that does something called "Travelling Monsters."  Everyone who wants to participate knits a small monster or other critter designed by Rebecca Danger, the author of the Big Book of Knitted Monsters.  The group moderator sets up the shipping circle and then they're off!  Person A always ships to Person B, who always ships to Person C, and so on.  Monsters ship twice a month so each monster visits for two weeks.  While monsters visit, they go on adventures with your family and get their picture taken and everyone in the group shares the adventures of their current visiting monster on the message board.  My 2013 travelling monster was Minti.

Minti was knit using the pattern "Cecil the Computer Monster".  She is small enough to fit in a pocket:

And was much loved by my toddler, who at the time called the monsters "babies."  Over the course of the travelling monsters, she stopped calling them babies and began calling them monsters.

She loved it so much, that, while Minti was travelling, I knit up a "twin" for her named "Pepper."

Here are some of the monsters that came to visit us:

Minti, after returning home and meeting Pepper:

...which reminds me, I need to decide if I'm sending Minti around this year or knitting someone new.  I've been contemplating sending a Ninja...


  1. Did you ever work on the Ninja? If so, I have a question!


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