It's amazing how much importance we give to the magic date that is the first of the year and the mystical event of trading a calendar with one number on it for a calendar with a number one greater...

In the year 2013, I knit 6822.6 yards.  This is more than any previous year by over 900 yards.  Having knit 6822.6 yards is also significant because I bought 6530 yards, which means I just about broke even on the amount of yarn I knit vs. the amount of yarn I bought, even managing to stash down just a smidge.  I have been working this past year on decreasing the size of my yarn stash.  Presently my stash is just over 40,000 yards.  At my current rate of knitting, this means I have a stash that could last me a couple of years...  My goal in 2014 is to actually stash DOWN and buy less yarn than I knit, rather than just breaking even.  Don't get me wrong.  I love yarn.  But I have finite space and finite yarn budget, plus I have all sorts of yarny loveliness sitting in my stash unused because I just keep buying more yarn.  So in 2014, I'm going to use those yummy yarns rather than letting them sit unloved.  I'd like to be the kind of knitter that has a stash of sock yarn and then buys yarn project by project for bigger things.

Also in 2013, I completed 48 projects.  This is almost twice what I knit last year when I completed 27 projects.  Several of them were very small and quick projects, but hey, a finished object is a finished object!  I'm not setting a goal on a number of projects to complete next year because most of the ones I've got queued to use stash yarn are bigger projects - sweaters and stockings and shawls, oh my!  I've got lots of lovely, lovely things planned.

I'm looking forward to 2014 being the year of the stash dive and seeing what knitthings emerge from yarn from the depths of my stash boxes.

Happy New Year.  May your year be filled with peace and love.


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