Drive by Blgging: A Twisted Pair

Early in 2013, one of my friends posted a notice on Facebook announcing a Pay-it-Forward.  The way it works is that she had signed up to receive something from one of her friends and in return would knit five things for other people who signed up, if those five people would agree to make five things for the people who signed up for them and so on.  I signed up to receive something from my friend and posted a notice on my Facebook wall asking for people who wanted to receive something from me and in return make five gifts for others.  One of the people who signed up was my husband's best friend, which caught me a bit by surprise as I don't know him very well.  As soon as he signed up, I went to my default knitting gift for guys: a hat.  Husband did some recon and came back with "black."  Oh, yippee.  (Sarcasm.)  Black is boring, and I had to do something to make it more interesting or I would die with boredom before the hat was done.

Enter Ravelry, a knitter's best friend.  I ran a search through their pattern database for hats for men and found Irina Dmitrieva's Bend Hat.  The cables on the hat make it nice and stretchy (Husband's friend has a big head...) and make it interesting but not girly and not boring.  On Ravelry, I called it "Twisted" in description of the cables.

After he received it, there were many hints to my husband and I that the recipient's wife was coveting his hat, but given the choice, she wanted one in pink.

I can take a hint.  I didn't mind knitting the hat and I like this family, so I stash dove and came up with leftover pink yarn from the owl pillow I knit my niece.  I held the yarn double to get the right thickness and knit up a pink one:

And not having a better name for it, I've called it "Mrs. Twisted."


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