Drive By Blogging: Baby gifts

In the past couple of months, several of my friends have had babies.  Naturally, I knit.

One friend decided not to find out if she was having a boy or a girl.  May I just mention at this moment how inconvenient this is for a knitter?  Ahem.  I'll stop there.  I'm sure I'll mention the subject again some other time.

Anyway, for this friend, I pulled out some "gender neutral baby barf" yarn from my stash and knit up a hat and booties.  Then I waited until the baby was born and added the relevant coloured buttons:

I ended up affixing the pink ones for her baby girl:

And for a couple of other friends who were both having girls, I knit up an apple hat:

and a pair of purple booties:

The bootie pattern is Natalie Larson's Bitty Booties, which I modify so as to not need a provisional cast on. The square hat is Carol Ullmann's Square Baby with pompoms instead of tassels.  The apple hat is Iryna Boehland's Lil' Apple Hat, modified to not be so tiny with Hinke's Just a Leaf.


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