Drive by Blogging: Binary Stars

Once upon a time, while I was wandering around Ravelry, I came across the wonderful pattern that is Megan Wood's Vincent Cuff.  The Vincent Cuff is a wide beaded bracelet designed to remind one of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night knit on lace weight yarn with size 0000 needles.  When I saw it, I immediately thought of two people - my Doctor Who loving friend Pammie and my Starry Night loving mother.  So I ordered some deep blue lace weight yarn and some itsy bitsy pointy needles and picked up beads at the craft store.  And then created a labor of love.

1.  For the first one, I didn't have access to a color printer as mine having died after some toddler who shall not be named fed it cheddar.  Printers don't eat cheddar.  It kills them.  Poor printer - death by cheddar.  I copied each row with colored pencils onto grid paper.

2. The beads then had to be strung one at a time in the right order.  (For the record, the best bead needle is GUM Eez-Thru Floss Threaders.  They're also good for threading other needles.)

3. Knitting on size 0000 needles.  Oy.  Size 0000 needles have a 1.25 mm diameter.  They are smaller than a toothpick.  The stitches are tiny.  Plus, I dropped a stitch a couple times and getting them on the needles again was a nightmare.  Pammy has sworn not to look for the one stitch on hers that was picked up wrong and appears to be purled instead of knit.  I noticed while casting off Mom's that one of her stitches was wrong and had to undo my cast off and drop down and fix it.

The end result, though, I am rather pleased with:

I called the first one "Starry" and the second one "Starry Starry" and if I ever make a third, it will be "Starry Starry Starry."  (Original, I know...)  I'm contemplating designing one that looks like the TARDIS as I have plenty of yarn left...


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